Top apartments on the dream beach of the Pelion: Potistika

Potistika beach

Potistika beach

Early risers can enjoy sunrise in the sea from this beautiful sandy beach. When the time is right the full moon can be seen as it climbs up above the Aegean sea. In the background the islands of Skopelos and Skiathos , and on a clear day Alonissos can be seen ( the Sporades ). The rocks around the beach provide protection from the heat of the day. On the beach there is a small bar serving drinks. Above the beach is the restaurant ‘Climax’ and at the edge of the beach is a small taverna called ‘The Swallows Nest’. From May you can hear the frogs croaking and the nightingales singing as you enjoy a drink on your balcony overlooking the sea. In autumn the cranes often gather here prior to migration. And if you are very lucky you may also sea a school of dolphins feeding.

Beautiful Beach of Potistika


Xinovrisi is 4 Km away and many years ago was directly on the sea and Potistika beach was the village beach. however the village moved inland due to the constant raids by pirates. Xinovrisi is in south Pelion 48 Km from Volos and 7 Km from Argalasti. It is in the district of Argalasti and has approx. 150 residents. The old name for the village was Bistinika and its inhabitants lived by cultivating olives and figs and making wine. The village was destroyed four times during the Ottoman empire in 1821 , 1823 , 1854 and 1878. The church is named after the Virgin Mary and was built in 1778. There are several tavernas around the picturesque village square and the village is becoming increasingly prosperous due to increasing tourism since the 90’s.